Englische Geburtstagsglückwünsche

Today is your birthday,
I know it well, my dear,
but I am far, far away
and I can not be here.
I wish you so very much,
as much as it could be,
I am wishing your touch,
and that soon, hopefully.

I wish to make you sunny
all those icey winter days,
I wish you milk and honey
not only for your birthday.

Even if the rain ist falling
into your dreamful sunny life,
even if the sky is falling,
baby, I’ll be at your side.

Even if you aren’t calling,
I will hear you, from far away.
Now, at your birthday morning:
I love you, that rests to say.

Birthday child, let us dance,
life is just a sweet romance,
it is just a too short dance.
Now or never is the chance.
Bithday child, congratulation,
with you celebrates the nation,
you are today’s real sensation.
Birthday child, congratulations.

I wish you a fruit from every tree,
I wish you much honey from the bee,
I wish you a rainbow without rain,
I wish and wish for you, my friend.
I wish you a wish for every dream,
I wish you were happy as you seem,
I wish you love for all your way,
I wish you just a great birthday.

Happy birthday in the morning,
happy birthday and much love,
happy birthday to you, honey,
you’re the one I’m dreaming of.

A single life was given,
the only one we know,
on blue earth we are living
in an interesting show,
a single love was given
to you, my very dear,
the reason that I’m living
are you, my darling here.
And today is your birthday,
with presents and a rose,
I never let you go away,
cause you’re one I chose.