Englische Geburtstagssprüche lustig

Happy Birthday – soon there won’t be enough space on Your birthday cake for all the candles!

I wish You all the best and a very Happy Birthday, dear! If You want I will help You to blow out all the candles on Your cake.

I can’t believe it’s Your birthday again! But I won’t forget such a nice person on a day like this, Happy Birthday, beauty!

There is this beautiful and intelligent person out there who is not getting older – and then there is You! Happy Birthday, have a good one!

I almost forgot Your birthday, You see, we are getting old! Happy Birthday and all the best, may all Your dreams come true!

A little bird told me it is Your birthday today. Happy Birthday, all the best, health, luck and joy!

You are never too old for cake, balloons and a great party! Happy Birthday and keep the child inside alive!

Forever 29… Happy Birthday to a beautiful woman that is not getting older.

A very Happy Birthday and many more to come so we can enjoy the company of such a fine gentleman as You are!

If the sun won’t shine there is always You to make me smile! Happy Birthday to my sunshine.

You are sweeter than sugar and brighter than the sun, may You enjoy Your birthday and have a happy one! Happy Birthday!

It’s that time again… I think I forgot something important… it’s not Christmas… not Easter… it’s Your birthday! Have a great time and enjoy Your special day, party on!

What to give to a person that has everything? Gems, gold or diamonds? No, I’ll be Your present on this very day! Happy Birthday, dear!

Congratulations, you’ve made it so far! Happy Birthday and I hope You will celebrate many many birthdays in the future.